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Dallas, Texas

Boomwin Strategy Lesson (Preview)

Many of you wonder what the Boomwin Strategy is and may possibly want to even try it out, but aren't sure what it is or if the money is worth it.

I have designed this page to help with your questions and doubts, but if you want to personally Contact Me:

Investimonial Review of Boomwin Strategy  
So what is The Boomwin Strategy?

The Boomwin Strategy = The Prediction of Future Stock Movement
+++ The prediction of future movement is a positive percentage gaining strategy when protected with rigid mental stops, steady patience and control over emotions such as greed & fear.

  1. The Wash (Long)
  2. The Para (Short)
  3. The Grind (Long)
  4. The Fade (Short)
  5. The Gear (Long & Short)
***Spend 2-3 Hours with me...

The Boomwin Strategy
~1-on-1 session includes:
~Slide Rocket Presentation (100+ slides) (its like power point, but cleaner).
~5 Set Ups (patterns that predict future movement).
~Boomwin Outline &; Rules to Guide your Trades.
~Q&A until all questions answered.

Included In the Presentation, along with The Boomwin Setups are:

Breakout/Breakdown Points,
Bull/Bear Flags,
Short Squeezes,
Long Panic,
Trend Lines,
Psychological Price Points,
Volume (When Shorting/Longing, Assistance to Patterns, Confirmation of Trend),
Setting Stops (Mental v. Hard),
When To Act (Stalking, Buying, Averaging In, Holding, Selling, Selling Partial),
Candle Stick Wick Reversal,
Emotions & Virtues (Greed, Fear, Patience, etc.)