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Preview May 7

Milestone Financial Investments – Friday – May 7th, 2010.
1.Analysts at UBS pointed out that chaos can offer a good landscape for value. They suggest buying European companies that have over 40% of sales outside of Europe, and are cheaper than global peers. "Sell U.S. companies that sell to Europe and are more expensive than peers," the analysts said.
2.QCOR – 9.17
a)Trading range after hours 9.75 – 10.60.
b)Acthar gel is safe and effective for treating certain seizures in infants, a panel of medical experts told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday.
3.STEC – 13.23
a)Q1 loss narrower than expected.
b)Trading range after hours 13.10 to 14.90
c)A pre-market open Friday may have potential near 13.50 to 13.80.
d)Early buyers may want to test the waters near 13.50 to 13.80, levels that could generate some morning interest and perhaps nudge back up toward the 14 mark.
e)On the short side, there was a tough ceiling established tonight off the high of 14.90 down to 14.60, levels shorts may want to eye if the stock should again return here.
4.BWS – 16.57 – 17.57
a)This stock ran up 20% after hours, but only trading 200 shares @ its after hours high of 19.90 so if it does run up to this again could be a better short than a long.
5.ATVI – 10.49
a)Beat with Q1 results.
b)After-hours high of 10.98 before dropping back to plus-side levels of 10.60 - 10.90, a range where it stayed through the bulk of night trade.
c)Evening indications would suggest ATVI records a potential pre-market open Friday near 10.70 to 10.80.
d)The stock has added to its gains in the following day's regular session six times, or 85.7% of the time.
e)The stock's strong tendency to widen in next-day play would have us looking at potential long trades on the issue Friday. Morning longs may want to target possible upside entry points near 10.60 to 10.75, a range that held as a floor support for much of tonight's trade and where there may be room to catch some bounces into the higher 10s.
6.FAZ/FAS plays as always.
7.CROX – 9.59
a)Trading range after hours 9.24 – 10.00
b)posted a first-quarter profit above Wall Street estimates, helped by a double-digit revenue gain and better margins, and forecast better-than-expected quarterly profit.
8.RST – 24.53
a)Trading range after hours 24.53 – 22.99
b)Stock held a downside range of 24.53 to a low of 22.99 in the first-half of evening trade before narrowing to negative levels between 23.88 and 23.75.
c)Volume dried up considerably into the second-half with very few matches. The lack of liquidity late tonight muddies the clarity into any potential move tomorrow, but we would start off by at least eyeing the 23.88 to 23.75 range as a possible short entry point - an area that could set up as a potential ceiling level.
9.XNPT – 10.40
a)11.05 – 8.56
b)reports Q1 revs of $0.1 mln, down from $26.3 mln in the year ago quarter. Loss was $28.2 mln, vs. a year ago loss of $2.7 mln.