Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 29 - Friday

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 3.01 at 2,132.74 
  1. PWER, +16.7%
    • aggressive tendency to add to evening trade in next-day action would have us pegging a long bet on PWER Friday. Early buyers may want to target potential entry points near 12.68 to 13, an area that saw steady buy support tonight and where a possible near-term floor support could set up for firmer moves above 13.
  2. FSLR, -6.2% 
    • sat close to a 52-week high just ahead of its strong quarterly report, would have us looking at a short play tomorrow. Early shorts may want to target potential entry points near 144 to 142, levels that stood as a ceiling through much of tonight's trade.
  3. CSTR, +14.8% 
    • bit leery of the rather heavy sell liquidity that held sway in the issue at levels above the 51 to 52 area. As a result, longs may want to watch for any weakness that should bring CSTR back down to about 47.50 to 50, a range where buyers looked most confident early tonight. On the short side, the 53.86 to 52.80 area scored some of the heaviest downside trade this evening, an area to watch as a potential ceiling level.
  4. MWW, +11.2% 
    • nice solid pop on a little less volume that would be hoped for a long play on the issue. 15.5 stood as good support, but stock didn't break down at all, looking for more uptrend tomorrow. 
  5. DECK, +5.3% 
    •  59.5-56.5, reverse that. It was a strong up movement, with peeps taking profit along the way. More long plays.
  6. BMC, +2.7%
    •  good pop up, low vol, pretty flat during the day, could see uptrend.
  7. MXIM, +5.8% 
    • another good pop, look long, but watch for weakness and sells, maybe profit takers on these.
  8. ABK seems to be holding support off of these levels well. I may wait for it to perk b4 entry. still in uptrend.
  9. EXAS got halted today,looking for moves after.  
  10. MCP pulled back huge today, after china announcement.
  11. HAL ripdown after cement announcement.