Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 11 - Thurs.

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 8.42 at 2,179.32
  1. CSCO, -13.4%
    • The stock's tendency to add to evening downside moves, combined with some rather aggressive sell momentum in the shares tonight would have us looking at a potential short play on the issue tomorrow. Early shorts may want to peg potential entry points at 22 to 21.50, an area that set up as an early second-half top. More risk tolerant shorts may want to bring the entry down to 21.40 to 21.20 in anticipation of the stock starting the day below or near these levels and perhaps making another move south toward 21 or below.
  2. ANW, -36.6%
    • tumbled through the 14.30 level to a mid-session after-hours low of 9.70 before steadying between 10.45 and 9.85 into the second-half of night play. Evening indications would suggest the stock records a potential pre-market open Thursday near 10. Sellers set up an aggressive top tonight at 11 to 10.50, an area shorts may want to eye as a potential entry point that could see weakness back into the lower 10s.
  3. KLIC, -5.9%
    • A pre-market open Thursday may have legs near 6.04 to 5.90. A potential ceiling level was established tonight at 6.16 to 6.00, an area shorts may want to eye as a possible jumping in point to ride potential downside drift back into the higher 5s.
  4. RST, -5.6%
    • after its fall from grace it hit 21 and got a little sup, only to resume downward moves. A pre-market open might have legs near 21, while evening indicators would suggest drops lower towards the 20 level on light volume. Shorts may want to eye any pops off the 21 level for moves into the mid 20's. 
  5. AAP, +2.7%
    • solid move to 70 where it came down even harder and hit just below 68 level. longs might want to watch the 68 level for moves back into 69-70 area, which stood as a tentative ceiling.  pre-market open by evening indicators would suggest high 68's. 
  6. TZOO hit 52's today, level to possibly push tomorrow would be 37. $long.