Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 16 - Tues.

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 0.14 at 2,131.34
  1. ZOOM, +3.2%
    • The aggressive sell liquidity that moved into ZOOM off the highs would have us looking at potential short plays to start tomorrow. More risk tolerant shorts may want to watch for any return to the 4.34 to 4.29 area, levels where downside momentum picked up sharply tonight. On the long side, the 4.10 to 4.15 area may have legs as an early morning bottom support that could see lift back into the lower 4.20s.
  2. YONG, +6.6%
    1. held its pop well, looking for more upside, consider lower volume in tonights trade, I'd be looking for volume as a key indicator early on if this one is going to get lifts or be flat, not that big of a gap between here and its 52's. 
  3. PAA, -1.9% 
    • little choppy ah's, but looking for more downside.
  4. EPB, -3.3% 
  5. JWN, -2% 
    • Shorts may want to watch the 41.83 to 41.60 area, a range that set up as a tentative ceiling early in tonight's first-half. On the long side, buyers looked confident off tonight's low of 40.50 up to 41, a potential floor support that could see strength back into the lower 41s.
  6. RNOW, -4.8% 
  7. URBN, -0.8% 
    • Early buyers may want to linger near the 33.25 to 33.50 range, levels that set up as a second-half floor support. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 33.75 to 34 area in anticipation of the stock perhaps starting the day near this range and perhaps making another run at breaking north of 34.
  8. MCP, -3.6%
  9. AKAM
  10. CECO
  11. MOT
  12. AXAS, -2.5% 
  13. GAP This point where its broken out of its base, could prove A , broke ichimoku as well. good look here.
feelin a little under the weather tonight, weather change, so sorry for the half ass job on the alerts for tomorrow, but the ones that are there are solid, the others just keep ur eye on for market direction.