Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 5 - Fri.

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 2.19 at 2,185.61
  1. CROX, -7.2%
    • Looking deeper into the data, the stock has declined after eight earnings releases, extending that move six times, or 75% of the time. With some decent widening data on the downside we would look at a potential short play on CROX, particularly with much of tonight's negative trade more a "sell the news" reaction to strong results and guidance on the heels of the stock recently touching fresh 52-week highs. Shorts may want to target potential entry points in the 14.40 to 14 area, levels that stood as a ceiling level through the first-half of tonight's trade.
  2. JDSU, -1.3%
    • The near-term performance favors widening, as the issue has expanded its after-hours move in next-day regular session trade in the last four consecutive quarters. The strong historical widening trend bodes well for shorts tomorrow, but we would still be cautious in the issue as there was some significant buy liquidity flowing into JDSU shares tonight off the low of 10.70 up to 10.90, an area where a potential near-term floor support could form. Shorts may want to watch for any turns back toward 11.10 to 11, levels that could set up as a possible ceiling level and perhaps see drops back into the higher 10s.
  3. AMKR, -9.2%
    • is in a widening pattern in its movement during the regular trading session following an evening earnings report; it's widended in 14 of the last 23 quarters for which we have data. The near-term performance favors widening, doing so in the last five consecutive quarters. The long- and near-term widening pattern in place would have us looking at a potential short play on AMKR. Early shorts may want to target possible entry points between 6.96 and 6.80, levels where more aggressive sell liquidity started to flow into the shares tonight before they dropped to session lows
  4. SBUX, +2.6% 
    • has a mixed pattern following evening earnings reports with a slight tendency to reverse gains. Its reversed in the last 7 of the last 12 quarters where I've had the data. In the near term it favors reversing, doing so in the last 3 quarters. With this pattern in place I'm more apt to go against the move in tonight's ah's move and look for a potential short play on the issue tomorrow. Shorts would want to eye 30.5-30.75 area as it stood as a ceiling tonight's trade.
    • Starbucks intends to end distribution deal with Kraft as a well which would bode well for the short play on SBUX tomorrow.
  5. SWKS, -1.6% 
  6. WRLS, +29% 
  7. N, -5% 
  8. ATVI, +1.5% 
  9. MCHP, -1.9% 
  10. RRGB, -15.1% 
  11. ATML, +3.5% 
  12. WPRT, -3.9%
  13. NILE, +2.4% 
  14. JAZZ, +12.5% 
KFT: 31.09 to 32
NILE: 40.66 to 48.42
WRLS: 4 to 5.20
ATVI: 11.16 to 11.89
ATML: 8.90 to 9.40
CBS: 17.65 to 18
TTMI: 11.34 to 13.60
JAZZ: 12.98 to 14.49
EZPW: 22.85 to 22.37

SWKS: 23.79 to 23.00
N: 21.52 to 20.02
SBUX: 30.79 to 29.72
MCHP: 34.61 to 32.89
AMKR: 7.38 to 6.51
WPCS: 3.16 to 2.83
RRGB: 20.21 to 17.10
JDSU: 11.47 to 10.70
WPRT: 19.70 to 18.24
SNA: 53.04 to 53.03
INSP: limited trade
CROX: 15.30 to 13.55