Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 22 - Wed.

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 1.46 at 2,233.11
  1. NKE, -5.3%, 89.3 - 87
    • meeting Q2 revenue expectations and beating on earnings
    • With mixed historical data on NKE we're inclined to follow the momentum recorded tonight and look for potential short plays on the issue tomorrow. Potential ceiling levels developed tonight between 89 and 88 and at 87.90 to 87.70, levels shorts may want to eye as a possible entry points that could see weakness back toward tonight's low, or touch fresh near-term lows.
  2. TIBX, +4%
    •  topping Q4 estimates and setting plans for a stock buyback
    • More risk tolerant early longs may want to watch for potential entry points in the 21.60 to 22 area and seek out quick exits if the stock struggles to get back up near 22.20. On the short side, a tentative ceiling level developed tonight between 22.80 and 22.50, an area that could hold out some prospects as a possible top that could see downside drift back into the lower 22s.
  3. XLNX, -3.5%
    • guiding for a deeper sequential sales decline in December than previously forecast
    • The 27 mark was a consistent ceiling through most of tonight's trade before the late buying broke the issue through this top. Shorts may want to move to the sidelines early tomorrow to see if a firmer ceiling level develops in the mid- to low-27s, and area that could have legs to swing back into the higher- to mid-26s.
  4. RHT, -2.7%
    • Q4 and Full Year Guidance Above Street Estimates 
    • Stock has a some what of a reversal pattern in place when earnings brings the stock down in ah's so with that in mind one might look for support to form around 46.5, which is where the stock saw some ah's support for a move back to the 47 to mid 47's.
  5. AKS stock is performing very well, since adding when it broke its 7 month base.
  6. LZB stock is holding whre it broke out from, kinda has me thinking this might be a false break out, but we'll see