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Dallas, Texas


Dec 30 - Thurs. "Rare Earths!!!!"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 0.47 at 2,232.11.
  • So whats up with rare earths? The plays of the day, the month the year, etc. 
    • China may be considering separate export quotas for heavy and light rare earths -  there is no sign a decision is imminent. - The new plans involving alloys and separate quotas for heavy and light rare earths, if finalized, would mean even stricter control by Beijing on the resources as it closes potential loopholes for exporters to sidestep regulations, so I am short SHZ based on no sign a decision is imminent, the herd is long obviously, so I'm getting smashed right now. 1k 8.88 SHZ
  1. ENDP,  +3.7%, 35.9-36.85 ah's range.
    • company reported the FDA approved FORTESTA Gel for the treatment of low testosterone.
    • Saw some decent upside ah's with great support at 35.9. Any long play off this level should see considerable upside.
    • I'm planning on longing some in pre-market. I like the continued gain, I think some of this news is partially priced in though, which is why its not making crazy gains. 
    • A pre-market open Thursday may have potential near 36.30 to 36.60. Sellers were active at 36.60 and above tonight so longs may want to watch for a potential floor support near 35.95 to 36.30, an area that could see upside swings back toward the mid-36s.
  2. SHZ, XING, both up ah's
    • rare earth plays banking off the above info on quota's.
    • Beijing, knowing how strict they are, alot of the herd is thinking they will be strict in this case and set stricter quota's so how you plays these depends on how you answer this question: Do you think Beijing will set a strict rare earth quota? 
    • Yes, long then, if No, short them.
  3. RNOW
    • ended the regular session up 18.8%, expanding its 11.22% gain made in the pre-market after Piper Jaffray upgraded the stock to Overweight from Neutral and set a $26 price target.
    • flat ah's, but this move was steady along with some solid gains, have to watch one more day. 
  4. WBS
    • Buys Back Remaining $200 Mln of Preferred Stock from U.S. Treasury 
    • long time advocate of this stock, this is good positive news, could push 52's soon. 
  5. BJ, lil gain ah's.
    • closed regular trading up 7% at 47.62. It's evening range is so far between 47.65 and 47.80.
    • I liked this chart today, played it a few times for small gains when I should of just played long once.
  6. TSLA has been uptrending throughout the last few days. whole numbers seen as resistance. look 4 mv thr 28. 
  7. LZB I dont like this break below its support line, but usually before a b/o we get a dip to pick up momo. I bot on the dip and my ave is 9.11 1k shares.
    • The best analogy I can give is that when you jump in the air you get low to the ground to jump higher, in essence you dip then jump. This is the same situation here, stocks have been known to do this before a b/o, just picking up steam. I feel I'm a little optimistic on this one, but we'll see.