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Dallas, Texas


Jan 7 - "Goldman Downgrades AKS"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 0.38 at 2,277.13
  1. LIZ, -19.6%
    • CEO calls December comp store sales disappointing
    • pre-bell open Friday may have potential near the 5.60 to 5.40 area. Shorts may want to eye a possible ceiling level between 6.20 and 5.60, an area where the bulk of tonight's selling was recorded and where there may be opportunities to catch some downside trade into the mid- to lower-5s.
  2. XRTX, -8.4%
    • missing Q4 expectations
    • potential pre-market open Friday near 15.80 to 15.40. Sellers were most aggressive tonight between 16.33 and 15.80, an area where shorts may want to watch for a possible ceiling to develop to catch deeper moves into the mid- to lower-15s.
  3. BLUD, +5.6%
    • better-than-expected Q2 results and maintaining its guidance
    • pre-market open Friday may have potential in the 20 to 20.50 area. Buyers looked confident tonight between 19.85 and 20.30, levels where longs may want to watch for a possible bottom support to form.
  4. DNDN, +2.9%  
    • Plans Conference Call for Friday Morning on Provenge
    • Depending on what is said could sway stock either way. Conference Call Link   
    • Stock was up ah's but saw some resistance at 37 and support 36.5.
  5. BGP, +17.9% 
    •  further reports about plans for restructuring
    • I personally hate this company, if you can find shares to short, this is an opportunity, to get short. 
  6. QUIK, -6.8% 
    • Preliminary Q4 Rev $7.1M v 4.3M y/y
    • alot of peeps played this on the way up, making good gains, solid mover. I want to play this long, this is a good place to find a long position or build into. adds under 6.3
    • keep in mind these results are prelims.
  7. AKS
    • Goldman Sachs cuts rating on AKS to Sell from Neutral
    • Goldman d/g'd because they are trying to build a position in this compnay because its been flashing bullish indications lately and they want to get it low priced, you can be sure that any adds around 16 now will make significant gains in the future, mark my words. 
  8. GSL - classic break of the base and a solid move out to outer space. Higher please.
  9. AERL - alot of peeps are bullish on this stock as of now, but does have over head, isn't completely broke'n out.
  10. DEAR - low float bank stocks were in play today, this one could additionally be tomorrow, one of my favorite l/f banks, former runner as well.
  11. MIPS - this chart indicates higher prices, broke 52's and held today, virgin territory just how I like it.