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Feb 15 - Tues. "LimeLight, when I buy, it might fly"

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  1. ATML holding above support, nice move above resistance today with a hold, 16.3, should retest 52's soon, 16.8
  2. MAR, +4.7%
    • better-than-expected Q4 results and plans for a spin off of its timeshare business
    • long side and target fast exits if it is looking weak in its attempts to again break through the 43 mark. Longs may want to target possible entry points at 42.12 to 42.50, an area that held as a tentative bottom support through the mid-session and second-half of tonight's trade. On the short side, a potential ceiling level was established at 43 and above, an area shorts may want to eye as a possible top if sell momentum again starts to pick up here Tuesday
  3. A, -2.9% 
    • better-than-expected Q1 results and setting its guidance mostly above the Street view
    • The downside data is not overly impressive in supporting the short side of Agilent's  trade for Tuesday, but with a broader historical widening pattern in place, combined with what looked like some standard-issue "sell the news" reaction to Agilent's results tonight we suspect shorts could catch some added weakness Tuesday, particularly with the stock sitting near its 52-week high just ahead of the report
  4. LLNW, +13.3%
    • beating Q4 revenue expectations and setting its outlook in line to above the Street view
    • Buyers may want to linger near the 6.80 to 7.00 mark to start, an area that saw firm upside support through the first-half of after-hours trade and where a floor support could develop for moves into the lower 7s. It's likely, however, that LLNW starts the day closer to the 7.05 to 7.20 range. As a result, more risk tolerant longs may want to test the waters closer to the 7.00 to 7.10 range, an area that could set up as a bottom support as the stock perhaps makes some early turns back up near tonight's highs in the 7.20s
  5. TQNT check out the 5 year on this bad boy, no overhead, semiconductor cohort, 14.4 brake out & hold is bullish...
  6. PAY closing in on all time high of $50. nice uptrend, question is: does it pull b4 it goes?
  7. GMCR nice move from 42 on the back of SBUX negotiations of "coffee partnership" steadies in ah's. 
  8. FTK might be trying to retest 52's. 7.42, soon. 
  9. SVNT sort of put in a double bottom with a break out of the neck line, indicating higher prices.
  10. Be mindful of rare earths: MCP, REE, SHZ, AVL, although highly speculative they've moved well.
  11. MWW not alot of resistance here between this gap fill @ 20. Play the intraday moves.
  12. HERO sup 4.2, res 4.4, I'm long from 4.4, didn't get the intraday move I wanted so this trade trnd into a swing.
  13. ARMH see how it reacts to 31, but we could be seeing a temporary rest/pull period there with a move down on 31.
  14. KV-A great scott, raised$ 33 mil by a share offering at $3.25, and it kept going?