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Feb 11 - Fri. "Play Chipotle remotly"

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  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 3.28 at 2,361.07
  • McClellan Oscillator finished +8 down 1 point. McSum
  1. WYNN, -3% 
    •  better-than-expected fourth-quarter net profit
    •  stock couldn't figure itself out at first, up big, then down big where it stayed after a pop off of lows and then consolidation, play ranges 116-121.
  2. NILE, -13.6%
    •  missing Q4 earnings expectations and setting its Q1 guidance below the Street 
    • risk tolerant shorts may want to eye possible entry points near the 58 to 56 range, levels that could see weakness into the mid-50s. On the long side, there was a tentative floor established tonight close to 55, an area to watch as a possible entry point, but one we wouldn't nibble at until we see some decent upside liquidity flow in
  3. F, +1.3%
    •  cut debt by another $3 bln
    • pretty good news for long term investors who bought debt,  saw some good sup off 16 where you could long it for a pop back to 16.3 where it saw some resistance, watch how it reacts to those levels, could move higher.
  4. EXPE, -8.1% 
    •  stock drop'd and bounced pretty nicely off of 23.5ish area, before trickling down the rest of night trade to a ah's low of 22.5ish. Looks like more downs but could see some solid bounces tomorrow, Play The Bounces, usually off whole numbers.
  5. MNKD, -4.2%
    • said it cut about 41 percent of its workforce to focus resources on getting its inhaled insulin product, Afrezza, approved, 
    • posted a narrower-than-expected quarterly loss
    • terminate a supply agreement for recombinant human insulin it had with a unit of Merck 
    • steady downtrend after e/r and news, seems like a heap of bad news for them on the back of better results and the fact that they are focusing on getting things back right with their company, probably see more lows, but hope is around the corner,
  6. CMG, +6.6% 
    •  topping Q4 expectations
    • Longs may want to target potential entry points between 267 and 272.50, an area that stood as a floor support through the late first-half of tonight's trade. However, it's likely CMG opens early trade well above this area Friday so more risk tolerant longs may want to test the waters closer to 275 to 277, an area that could hold as a possible bottom level through the early going tomorrow and perhaps make a run at testing the 278 area, or perhaps breaking through to the low 280s
  7. PNRA, +10.7% 
    • better-than-expected results and guidance
    • play the long side of the shares at around 107 to 109, an area that could set up as a base support and perhaps see some bumps back toward 110 to 111
  8. ATML stock printing kinda weird, due to some morning panic, hod pushed Consolata though, I"m long from 16.
  9. AKAM stock gained some mid day sup and pop'd out after huge drop, kinda did again at eod, looking for higher.
  10. SQNM kind of coiling and forming support off of a bit above 7, could reverse this soon and see 8 again.