Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 24 - Thurs. "Chop Up"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. RHT +10.4%
    • strong historical widening trends in place, combined with tonight's bullish upside liquidity would have us looking at an aggressive long play on RHT Thursday. Early buyers may want to linger close to the 43.66 to 44 range, levels likely to catch some early day interest and perhaps set up as a near-term floor support as traders possibly look to gain more strength above the 44 mark.
  2. MU +3.9%
    • Longs may want to target potential entry points at the 10.84 to 11 range at the start Thursday, levels that saw steady buy interest tonight and where a potential near-term floor support could develop for possible bumps back into the lower 11s. On the short side, there may be opportunities to play the 11.22 to 11.16 area as a potential ceiling. Sell momentum was firm up here, and it could stick as a an early top.
  3. IRDM - shot up big today, came down flat, pop'd and drop'd in ah's, looking for some moves.
  4. MOTR - nice short after huge run, tried to reverse, with that reverse look to retest highs. 
  5. GMCR - I guess the k-cups are to get more cash this year by alot. 
  6. SYMX - 30+% move up and came down nicely, manip it back up.
  7. CIGX - been my favorite last weeks, should run over 4 tomorrow strongly.