Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 6 - Wed. "In a Handbasket"

Milestone LLC 
  1. OCLR 
    • Despite reduced guidance from the company, there looked to be a moderate level of buy-the-dip trading in the shares this evening, particularly off the low of 9.95 up to 10.65. More risk tolerant longs may want to watch this area for a possible near-term floor support to develop that perhaps could catch some lift back toward the flatline or above.
  2. AMSC
    • pre-market open Wednesday may have potential near 15 to 14.50. Buyers were active off the after-hours low and through much of the turn north toward the 14.70s. There was a tentative ceiling level established at 14.71 to 14.65, but we'd be hesitant to call this a a firm top considering some of the rather aggressive upside liquidity that pushed the shares up toward these levels. More risk tolerant shorts may want to eye the 15 to 14.70 area as a possible entry point, an area that could see weakness back into the mid-14s. Less risk tolerant shorts may want to move to the sidelines in the early going on Wednesday to see where a firmer top may be established. On the long side, buyers were most active Tuesday night between the low of 12.77 up to 14, an area where a possible bottom could form for attempts to climb back into the low- to mid-14s.
  3. AONE - appears to be putting in a rounding bottom, looks like trend reversal. 
  4. JBII - still on watch for pr.
  5. VHC - just nuts, completely nuts today, up and down, looking for weakness to short into.
  6. MAKO - MERC - both nice moves upwards, looks for weakness to either short or get long on dip.
  7. KKD - not done bleeding yet, just trickling blood out, like long.