Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 8 - Fri. "

Milestone LLC
  1. TPX 
    • TPX advances to a plus-side range of 54.80 to a high of 56.95 after coming off an after-hours trading halt. Support stabilizes between 55.80 and 56.84 through the mid-session and second-half of the evening. A pre-bell open Friday may have potential surrounding the 56 mark. Sell momentum did pick up considerably at 56 and above tonight so early longs may want to watch for any dips back toward 54.80 to 55.55, levels where buyers looked most confident earlier tonight before they lifted the shares to the highs north of 56.
  2. STX
    • STX popped to plus-side levels at 15.25 to 15.48 late in the first-half of after-hours trade. It set off on a steady move north through the bulk of its evening action, rising from 15.40 to a late top of 15.85. A pre-market open Friday may have potential in the 15.60 to 15.80 range. Buy momentum was aggressive tonight between 15.25 and 15.70, an area where a floor support could develop for longs to watch Friday.
  3. EXPE
    • EXPE was released from an after-hours trading halt and jumped to plus-side levels between 24.50 and 25.65. It firmed to a session high of 26.10 before steadying between 25.35 and 26 through the second-half of the evening term. A pre-market open Friday may have legs near 25.50. Buyers looked most aggressive tonight at 24.50 to 25.40, an area where a potential near-term base support could form for attempts to move back into the 25.50 to 26 range.
  4. REE
  5. AONE
  6. SCON
  7. DCTH
  8. CLWR
  9. DBLE
  10. OCZ