Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 17 - Fri. "Triple Witch"

  1. CROX - #1 on my short list right now, will short on pops above 24, 24.5 todays high ideal.
  2. TZOO - #1 short squeeze candidate, stock is real beat down, this low float so play small.
  3. DANG - higher low/double bottom possible, could try the long.
  4. RPTP - stock is up a grip for awhile now, short on 7 fail, took a small one today already.
  5. SMRT - short biased on the 9 crack, on second thought dips on 9 could go long.
  6. ZAGG - shorts tried up, but good short candidate again on strength, I will s/s anything over 12.5.
  7. ROHI - on watch for a reversal.
Remember its triple witching day tomorrow so market will be volatile.