Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 12 - Tues. "Debt Coffins"

  1. RENN - trying to get flat after sell off, on watch for perks to long.
  2. GENE - growing more and more short bias as it over extends. idk yet, maybe 11 fail, been real early on alot of these so gona wait for some signs of crackage.
  3. FARM - obviously short biased after that crazy move up, will watch for early weakness to potentially long scalp, then get short. 
  4. LEE - took some long 1.05 over night, maybe take it off tomorrow, but would like multi day action.
  5. LOCM - resistance at 4.2ish, if/when breaks could be a solid gap fill up to 4.5x5.
  6. VHC - looking to take short 42x43 area, thing is so strong.
  7. SQNM - took some in my long investment account, fidelity disclosed a 15% stake.
  8. C - has most exposure to Italy, consider puts.
  9. TBBC - nice uptrend, broke over resistance today. thanks girl.
  10. JVA - I'd be short after that eod move, short biased on pops only.
  11. AA - shorts might want to watch for 16x16.2 as potential entry points. 
  12. CLNE - held 14 as a floor, might want to take some long and put stop just below.