Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 7 - Wed. "Sick of Fear"

SAI - accumulate on dips, same as last night, might be last dip before it goes tomorrow. Stock did have a lower low today, which doesn't bode well for long, but ideally what I'd love to see is it dip in the am, get some long, that low is higher than todays and boomwin.

GRO - very sexy, very sexy indeed short set up. Play what you were taught in the Boomwin Strategy yo. So what I see is a run from .60 to 1.8, which is a 200% gain in a short time (parabolic). Looking to short strength tomorrow and try to have some patience.

MAKO - on 52's, almost a double on the long side in less than a month, possible 40 test b4 it goes.This stock beasting in a weak market so you can only imagine, I think if peeps catch on to it a little better, look for vol spikes and possible 40 test and more

CGNX - I like buy on 28.5 or dips to 28, but make sure these levels hold, stop would be just below. Stock has had a significant drop, not typically what I play, but this is too structured of a sell off for me to not try the off the signs.

NVDA - pre-market open Wednesday may have legs near 13.75 to 14. Buyers were consistent in picking up NVDA shares between 13.60 and 14 in Thursday's night trade, a potential base range for longs to watch and where there may be room to ride strength more aggressively above 14 on Wednesday, yezzir! Keep in mind positive news hasn't been sticking to this stock lately though.

ALTR - pre-market open Wednesday may have legs near the 33.75 to 33.50 area. Sellers established a tentative ceiling level Tuesday night at 34.15 to 33.75, an area shorts may want to eye as a top that could see downside drift back into the mid-33s.

PAY - pre-market open Wednesday may have potential surrounding the 35.90 area, strong widening trend in place, combined with consistent upside support = long, buyers may want to target possible upside entry points between 35.60 and 35.90, a possible bottom support that could see bumps back toward 36 or above.

MELA - received CE Mark approval for MelaFind, its device for evaluation and detection of melanoma, allowing the company to market it to dermatologists across the European Union.
The company intends to market MelaFind in Germany, but will eventually market MelaFind across the 27 nations that comprise the EU.

honerable mentions: JDSU, FNSR, RIMM, SHAW, XRA, BAC, DNDN, SQNS, VRSN, VMC, MLM, CBOU, ZAGG. (these are secondary watches for me, but I keep an eye on)