Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 9 - Fri. "Market Reassertion"

VRSN - pre-market open Friday looks to have legs surrounding the 31 mark. Sellers were most aggressive Thursday night at 31.43 to 31.26, a potential near-term ceiling level for shorts to watch. Again, looking short on pops early, stock may try to reverse trends.

SPRD - stock may try to get faster before it decides to pull, I'm short biased considering its run just be on watch for the indicators I teach in the boomwin strategy to go short, one may want to play it long first (just not my cup of tea).

WPRT - very telling that this stock moved about 6 month old resistance today, could very well set up again and go.

OPEN  - under 55 and I think the stock breaks down hard towards 50, alot of support at 55. Good range after todays hit piece from chat.

YHOO - hitting a level or resistance here soon, so I am short biased, but stock could very well push higher with all this news coming in about possible suitors.

PANL - stopped watching this for awhile, but if it breaks above that upper trend line could run significantly, these lower highs though indicate that it could break down.