Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 19 - Tues. "Stock Bottom"

CROX - oh yeah, t shirt time! Anyways, this stock ripping down from Q3 dissapointment, although only a few mil dissapointment, from 27 to 16.41 and a bounce to 17.46 (good for a point) anyways looking to play long on accumulation technique (refer to slide 6 of the Boomwin manual).

CREE - hit resistance like it should have and pull back, then we get too much of a sell off from who knows what, panicking traders - looking to long on a wash, yezzir!

VPRT - I dont know about taking this one long, kinda new to the extended set up, so I'm watching it to see if it can get some support soon because I am short biased, oops I mean long, lol.

IRE - possibly longing on dips, on watch.