Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 11 - Fri. "Walk B4U Run"

MCP - Q3 results below estimates, 37 stood as a pretty solid ceiling after eps event, shorts might want to target that as an area of interest to start in. On the long side, the stock flattened out at or around 35, I think it gives this level up and its original bounce from 33, retests. 30 is deeper support. Each support level will be eyed for reverse in trend and long play.

 IL - just noticed this today, its 4q forecast was 3cents shy of the 13cent tgt. On watch for a potential long, stock is super beat down, looking for a wash to start in, add, add, pad, then size. I think that 5 level is where the stock should be 4.5 would be 50% shed from the 9 it came down from. (be careful dealing with new 52 week lows).

 TQNT - I like this sideways pa at 5, I think dub botm is 4.66, ideally this gears and pulls to dub botm for a long play.

 NILE - long bias, ideally this 31 starts holding, might test the waters long before I am sure, then get that comfy pad and add into for a 32-33 push.

 PEGA - long bias again, same idea, had a few ah's buys up higher, 29 support, if holds should see a move higher to roughly 30 test, maybe more.

 KITD - short bias, on pops to 12.39 area.