Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 28 - Mon. "Tis The Season"

These past two weeks for the market as a whole has been the worst few weeks in 2 months, we are approaching October's lows on major indices and on a bunch of stocks I've been watching as well.
Some news that Germany and France are exploring ways to help Euro members popped futures tonight, although these hope rallies haven't lasted lately.
We play tighter lately, smaller lately and take gains when we get them.
Once you understand the Boomwin Strategy you understand why certain plays are stronger in each type of market, so in this weak market we look at the short set ups (you know what they are), lets proceed.

GRPN - basically on accumulate at this point, although I think it stays pegged at these levels until some decent overall market news about Europe stabilizes. We scalp deep washes long until then.

RIG - once this stock gains it will push hard fast, I'm looking at this 44 level as spot to long, so any dips below be looking to start into.

YOKU - stock has been trying to hold this sideways and perk up, long bias, let it set up. former runner here so when she goes she goes big. 20ish tgt.

MRVL - just recently on watch, so only a watch for now, could see lower, but look for spa and s&p.

AFL - put this one on watch because 56 upgraged tgt.

AEN - dissapointed in myself for not shorting this one when I was thinking it, still on short watch though, any strong moves up towards 1.

ARUN - still think this one hasn't had it due pop and reverse yet. Kept on scan for that reason.