Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 9 - Wed. "Preparation"

STEC - beating Q3 expectations but issuing Q4 guidance below Street estimates. steady buying off the 9.50 mark up to 9.65, a potential floor support for more risk tolerant longs to watch. On the short side, the 10.48 to 10 area set up as a ceiling, I think we def gona get some bargain hunters coming in off of 9 for sure. Possible long, strong open I'd be short, then look for reverse at some point.

 ROVI - Q3 revenue that was just shy, I like the short initially, look for it to break down the 35 support it had in ah's, then I'd be inclined to look for reversal signs and try the long, stock is hitting 52's on the low side. Posted a profit of $1.8 million, or 2 cents a share, down sharply from $ 36.4 million, or 33 cents revenue increased 42%, but acquisitions and take overs killed its eps.

ADBE - stock was on a tear the last few weeks, but "lay off 750 positions and take a charge of up to $94 million as part of a restructuring to re-focus the company on digital media and marketing." I like the short on pops, a continued fade from here was over due imo, short pops, if it gears and looks to reverse since it has shed some points tonight, then just adjust this strategy as needed (ie flatline to perks, go long).

CHK - Technical set up here, for a long bias trade, buy dips below 27, possible swing trade, should get gearish into a push over 27 and hold. Make sure 26.25-26.5 holds as a bottom, has hit a sort of slightly over extended dub botm so I'm still slightly cautious.

XIDE - of course I like this one long, I just dont think its done selling off, 3 stood as support today, but looked real crackish towards eod. It didn't go, but imo it will tomorrow, maybe 2.5-2.7 will stand as a botm. this sell off was from a revenue beat, but eps miss. Short early on, then reverse.

 RJET - sick move today, was up a ton from a huge news deal, something about building 80 new planes, idk u can check that out, I'm short biased on the stock despite good news, should pull from too fast of gains, only on watch for now, don't know where she stops, no body knows, round and round she goes.

ANF - loved that we nailed this one today in chat, sell off, sideways, then boom another drop to load up on, I think here we see it possibly gear towards an actual break out over 59 and 60.