Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 21 - Wed. "Self First"

CIE - short bias on early strenght.

CIEN - possible continuance on long.

RHT - 42 held as support till eod and she pulled back long off wash.

ORCL - late night drop, buyers at 26.2 and sellers at 27. big sup at 25.
RIMM - rumors, last chance to short, but I suspect more rumors on this one, possible buyout.
LRN - Long bias off 19ish. Reasons why she is down are all opinionated.

BIDU - nice reversal today, possible 120 test soon.

TRGT - wathcnig this one for a long off maybe 5.

MW - bull flagging, if she goes over 32.5 and holds we could see 33+