Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 6 - Tues. "Bruise Easily

NS - plans to sell 5.25 million units in an offering. 54.75 saw most selling in ah's, I'd be short bias off this area or strong pops, might fail 54ish witha short target of 50 and a quarter or so. Inclined to scalp it long first.
SIMO - short bias, fades back to 17.5-18 area, add on pops towards 19.3.  We'll get a major crack if the 17.3 support cracks.

 JBLU - I officially hate this stock, each short I've taken its just grinded me higher and I've taken the loss. I'm determined to smash it. 4.74-5.38 is the beginning of the res zone. Might have a magnet of 5, will be watching throughout the day for short entry.

 NFLX - I think she pulls first to 68 area and we see buyers come back in and support it, possible long term long, but I'll be eying the short early on SPY weakness.

 ZUMZ - still on short watch, prolly starts to top up here 29-30 area, short pops to 30 or the 30 fail and 29ish would be were we see nice downside.

 IGOI - former runner, I'm short biased on, its already broken out, any paras or solid pops I'll look to add short into, got a good one today.