Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 23 - Mon. "The Test"

The market feels very top heavy to me at these levels. Buy high, sell higher type of market, beginning of the year exuberance will end soon, this week maybe its last week, we did the same thing last year. Then Feb was the worst month we'd seen in a long time. So just be careful all I'm saying, play your longs tight, but look for the top heavy over bot stocks to get short on and swing, imo.
COG - I'm already long on this one, possibly too early, but we shall see. 61.80's average, I think 60's puts up a good fight, natty gas is at 10 year lows so its due for a bounce.

YRCW - my crazy pick for this next 3 months, just feels like 20's are coming, idk why...and dont quote me.
CREE - keeps hitting and breaking through resistance, mkt pulls, she pulls and gives us 24's. We could be looking at 30 

 SPPI - volume and attention has kinda died on this one, but if your looking for a swing short, a crack on 15 could getcha 2pts.

 BRCM - this is what I'm talking about when I see a chart that has ad no real pull back at all in a month and is up 7-8pts, I'd love to see 36 and short swing.

YOKU - long bias until she gets to 22.5, major res there, she'll probably pull back then some, bull on this co this year though.

IPGP - perfect short set up, imo, I'm goin to get short and swing it, slowly building into it as it does have some headroom before resistance.

BVSN - I'd be so short, but IB will never have shorts for this, for you big dogs that can, have fun with that gimme.
WTW - little dicey up here, good range though, keep open eyes for strong pops to short or major weakness to say "doh, I missed that short."