Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 24 - Tues. "Who Woulda Thought"

Tomorrow we get our last surge of bullish fever I'm hoping so I can short swing a few of these high flyers. 
PLCM - Q4 estimates were dominated. I'd be a buyer, people, for some odd reason, love this company. Although, the huge pop maybe what brings sellers to the table. Look for volume with no move up to finally sell your long off sub 21's and 22.5+ target, then I'd be looking short.

NXPI - has been on my short list for 2 days now, I've been stalking it. It's a possible swing short, chart is identical to SWKS (semiconductor), btw. 20.6 had trouble breaking upwards today, could potentially scalp a play from a 20.6 break out towards 21.4 area short (full size) swing. 19.63 target.

IDCC - so finally all the bs strategic takeovers are done with, for some reason I want to say yeah right, but for now looks like they shall stand alone with slightly better than expected results. Going to play this one by ear, long bias, but no play, not tomorrow I dont care what happens I'm staying away from it, I think you be playing with fire, with that being said you prolly can make the most profit off this stock tomorrow, ha. I'm good, but if I were to say long looks for spa/p&g (you'd know what that means if you took the boomwin strategy) preview at the top. READ IT!

WDC - earnings took a beating from Thailand floods, but they say the recovery is enough to pop the stock, they saying "September quarter" they will finally be back to pre-flood levels. The Lines you see below was me looking for some overhead stopping point of resistance cause Sept is a long way away man, these some hopeful mofo's. Prolly throw yawl a bone on on short entry on this tomorrow, keep ya head up.