Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 25 - Wed. "Jasmine"

Still feel like we are top heavy, mkt just hanging in there though, personally I've been slowly building into my short positions waiting for some bad mkt news or general mkt pullback to bank. Of course, occasionally scalping as well (gotta pay the bills), but the houses and the cars get paid for on major trend changes and being able to be ahead of them and ride them to the bottom, jsyk.

AAPL - had eps and killed it cuz it was Christmas month, shoot I even bot an ipad cover for a gf of mine, they set mixed guidance as they should I think we see a grind up on AAPL, but then a safe slow fade for a few weeks, but tomorrow is what we are here for and Analyst comments always hit AAPL early and usually price targets of $9,999.99 are set so expect bullish fever, prolly good liquidity early on, with a long bias and I'd let the long run its course since mkts been gapping down and grinding high, opening flat and grinding higher, or opening up and grinding higher, ha. Personally, I'd be long AAPL 450, and short 470.
  • Obama's state of the Union address got us up on futures about 30 as I speak, but that could change, we may have a bullish day tomorrow, it is Wednesday and Pedro said every last wednesday of a month is always bullish unless each wednesday was bullish previously in that case it would be different, but only on odd #' months, excluding January.
 CA - huge rip ah's from big rev increase and big div increase. Short bias on pops to or over 28, but alot of selling starting hitting at 27.5 so may want to look to start into short there.

NXPI - I'm already short 21.5ish average, people already second guessing me, do me a favor, I don't want your feedback unless you actually think about it and give me some data other than "are you sure" "what should I do" "what do you think." I wrote the article NXPI short sell argument thats how I feel. No Chart.
FIO - Q2 revs and earnings beat, but stock sold off best chance of reversal. Long off support in ah's sub 26's 25.5 was support. Keep an eye on this for the push to 28.5+