Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 6 - Thurs. "Runaway Gain"

RFMD - Q3 revenue guided below, 5 stood as a ceiling you may want to short, keep an eye of support around low 4's and possible trend reversal.

JAZZ - guided 2012 sales above, 42.5 area had buyers come in, could see a long push 44+, but does start hitting resistance there.

FDO - sold off despite meeting estimates and confirming outlook, I'd be long bias on this one for a 57 test and possible cross, buyers coming in at 55.8 area.

ZUMZ - I'm short biased, as I hate this company, look for early pops/paras to short for scalps then a top to form and late day fade that bish.

PLCE - honorable mention, bet this goes back to 53, watch for 50 cross to get long, other wise I was wrong.

WTW - short bias on pops, prolly goes back to <60 or at least tests it. NTRI sympathy and cheaper. 
STX - I think she goes new 52's soon, don't know how long, didn't want to hold today, not many stocks did though so 18 cross and we see new 52's (which area 18.6ish).
RIG - bagholders anonymous , February 27th court date and this stock goes back to $800,000.98!!