Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 20 - Tues. "People do"

ADBE - e/r mostly in line, .57c v. .57c and 1.05bil v. 1.045bil, so revenue was slightly down. Considering the sell off after hours I'd be more inclined to be long off of after hours support, 32.5. Resistance was just above 33.

the stock has a good amount of support at 31-32 so given its bounce at 32.5 we may see another drop below that spot before it reverses. I do know they are saying some conversion over to something is a problem for them, if u don't know what that means do some dd on it.

GMAN - .53c v. .40c thereby smashing analysts estimates and earning should be $1.46 to $1.51 on $629 million and $634 millionin sales. Analysts were expecting EPS of $1.28 and $552.15 in net sales, so guidance was well above estimates for the full year. Keep in mind this a low float so be extremely sure in the direction you chose.

18-20 has some over head and 16 is ideal for a long play.

FMCN - I'm staying away from that stock, they did have e/r tonight though.
KORS - raised its guidance slightly, from 10c to 15c (roughly), nice trend ah's, no bias just yet, but should be in play in some way shape or form tomorrow.

as you can see below 50 is a big resistance area, if it gets there Im thinking if will pull first, then maybe gear through later.

MAKO - I like the long on dips, just broke out of resistance at 40, it ripped toward 42 and pulled back to 40.75, I'd be looking long on this one for a possible push through 42.

I'm not thinking short at all just yet, I like this one to push to new all time highs at 43+.