Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


April 20 - Fri. "Que Sera, Sera"

RVBD - 1.83m v. 1.86m rev, .20 v. .20, so barely a miss on e/r and "the company lowered its full year revenue growth target to 15% from its prior view of 17% to 20%." So a slight revision, but I'm bullish on this company, people trade it, last time it came down like this it ripped right back, which I suspect it will do again at least for a trade. Two ceilings formed Thursday night between 25.60 and 24.74 and between 23.70 and 23, levels you may want to consider locking profits if your buying the <23's or take the short off these levels.

SNDK - 1.21b v. 1.22b rev, .63 v. .70 eps, stock came down hard possible washout on the open, then look for support around 32.5 for a possible long, but has to set up.

MLNX - this thing was crazy today, I'm def short bias'd, but it has to stop ripping, let it try to top out a few times, then look for profit takers.

FFIV - I like the push back up to 139 soon, long bias. 126 was support in ah's last night after earnings, you may want to watch that area or something close to that.

FRIDAY, April 20
Extended-Hours Earnings: AOS, AEP, GE, HON, IDXX, IR, KMB, MAN, MCD, SLB, SXT, UA.