Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


April 4 - Wed. "Back in the Swing"

SNDK - cut its Q1 revenue outlook below its prior forecast and street's estimate. Looking to play this one short off a level that saw selling after hours, 47.25-48. Have to feel it out in that area.
on the older chart you can see 45 has some support so I'd look to short and cover at that level.
MIND - topped Q4 expectations. I'd look to play this one long. 26 was a supported spot after hours, I'd look to grab anything either there or under and possibly get a move back up towards after hours highs or higher, which was 27+, could be a multi-day runner.
looking left we see 27 is a key spot for new 52's which then the stock has no overhead from then on, we could see a nice run.
MITK - USAA filed against them, they defended. Should be a decent ranger, I like the long off of washes or if it gets to support at 7, the faster drops the better in this case. If it opens strong look to short down towards 7. If weak, then look long for perks off 7 if it unfolds as so.
VRNG - 4.1 is 52's. Still could push towards this spot of new 52's, maybe not. It came down pretty nicely from the 4 push, trade accordingly, but more in chat.
HEAT - e/r was an beat, obviously. Could have more upside early on, but I'd look to late day fade this one about midday to eod depending if it does have a nice pop.