Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 15 - Fri. "Directionless End"

YPF - Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim took an 8.4% stake in the company. The 10.88 to 11.30 area may hold as a possible near-term floor support, levels where longs may be able to catch some upside back toward the mid-11s.
DNDN - Dead cat bounce up towards 7.8 to 8 is where a near term top should form with the crack being at 7.5 to 7.25 for a possible 7 test. 
HUN - Speculation that the company is being shopped around private equity firms. If there is no validity soon for this story it will peak and fade. 13.5 aoi.
NAV - I like the long play on the 28 cross for a sell at 28.5 to 29.
PAY - Earnings miss a few days back and still continues to slide. I like the short on pops until it puts in a bottom formation. I won't change my mind on this until it proves upside possible.
KORS - Earnings beat a few days back and its selling off? Part of their headline was "KORS beats even in Europe," that had to scare people, lol. Long bias off 37 area or if it bottoms.
LCC - Purely technical here, this may try to reach back up towards 52's again, I like the long over 12.5 and then if it double tops at 13.5 we can short it again.