Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 21 - Thurs. "Be About It"

"Don't talk about it, be about it, let me see." Usher on Let Me See. New song thats out lately, I like it, but it relates to trading and the old battle of talk v. walk or chat v. action. Not pointing fingers, but its better to be about action, let others know about that action than to talk about it. Different if you're talking about it cause you're circling your pray getting yourself ready to attack, but be about action and the next step is to be transparent in that action.
AMRS - long bias over 3.2 took size long and gutted my position for 20cents, still have a few for the swing, thinking over 3.5+ and we see a run.
BBBY - Q1 EPS  .89 v. .84c so a nice little beat. Sales were 2.21b v. 2.24b so about 30milllion miss on revenue. Weak outlook is what brought it down, but with us heading into the holiday season next 2 quarters, not too sure thats on par with previous forecasts, but I'd be short 67 area and look to cover and change sides midday.
RHT - Q1 revenue of $315 mln, vs. the analyst consensus of $310.7 mln on Capital IQ. EPS was $0.30, vs. expectations of $0.27 per share. Red hat looked strong off 50's ah's, I'd be prone to try the long as long as 50 holds.