Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 5 - Tues. "Keep Your Wits"

This market can be brutal if you follow the pack, I think the key is to not to get ahead of yourself and not try to trade everything, get a set up that you see and that you feel comfortable with. Let it get to the price your looking at taking the trade, build your position and be nimble - take your gain, move on, if it sets up again then take it again, but don't over trade, don't follow if you don't see and keep your wits about you. Be like a robot, be logical and dispassionate.
Sent this tweet out earlier today "Europe apparently cooking up some "master plan" to solve their financial shortcomings."

END - loaded with shorts, was trying to run this over 10 today and get a massive squeeze into 11+ territory, instead I chased my entry at 10 and it tanked back to red, and I took a huge loss, stupid mistake blindly following and not playing my game. Still on watch tomorrow, but I'll be playing how I want to and looking for a dip to get in 1/3rd size and build for same idea on long side.
SBUX - declined in Monday's after-hours trade after announcing a deal to buy Bay Bread for $100 million. Not sure why, this is vertical integration at its finest, Star bucks is beginning to have beer at a select few stores, if/when this takes they will increase, personally long on this stock for years to come.
DG - beating on Q1, raising its guidance, and setting a 25 million share offering. Great news for earnings, but the offering dragged the stock lower, not sure what its priced at.
Z - acquiring rentjuice for $40 mil, I personally use this site to look up rental properties and homes in the area, best place for a one stop shop for finding places. Its a good company thats flying under the radar, which is something, if investing, you want to find when your looking to lock your money into a solid company.
EDS - DDS revenue, profits rise, sees increasing headwinds looking forward. "But Exceed warned that macroeconomic headwinds in China contributed to softer consumer demand for sportswear products, forcing its distributors to adopt a more conservative approach to the second half of 2012. It said it expects to face "a challenging demand environment" for the rest of the year." Scary words, headwinds and china, killed the stock ah's. Not sure if you can get shorts on this low float, but 2.5 top, fade off.