Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 12 - Thurs. "Looked Over"

QCOR - bottom'd at 41.5 today, I would love a pull to near 40's and then get the bounce and red to green play for a long trade. Down alot so I recco taking a few off and holding at least some for longer than 2 seconds.
SVU - everything is messing up! Missed Q1 expectations, withdrawing its guidance, and announcing a plan to review strategic alternatives. Res at 4.31, then again at 4.63. Will be looking short if it opens close to those levels or hits early on, otherwise prolly just a sideways no movement stock all day.
CALX - Slashed its Q2 outlook below its prior view and Street estimates. Looks good for a long possibility off 4.67 area support, it drifted higher on light volume after its e/r report.
SSH - looking for more washouts on this one to take long. Possibly any kind of panic below 10 real quick for a long scalp.
MAKO - a cross on 15.28 and we should see more upside.
ARNA - possible short on the 11 break down. Look for a pop early on around 11.3 area, start into and build once starts to work, cover into the 11 break down.
HCII - 18 is support and we look for weak open combined with some consolidation to take long, given the 18 area stop.16.28 is bigger longer, older support.
NAV - trying to carve out a double bottom on the monthly at 22ish. I'm not watching this one with a play in mind, but if it does put some sideways price action in, I'll be looking long, I think the news that brought this one down is misconstrued, now they have it ironed out somewhat.
ARTW - low floater, could possible test the 9, and does have the gumption cross 9's and hit 9.5 area resistance.
GLUU - love how this one pulled and is now bouncing off support at 5, possible long, I know I've bot some GLUU mobile games in the last month!
BAH - they have 959mil in debt and they ripped because they are trying to refinance it, but then today they announce the possibility of a 1bil special dividend. Makes no sense, bearish.

Extended-Hours Earnings: ANGO, OZRK, EMMS, FAST, RECN.
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. Initial Claims; Import/Export Prices; 2 p.m. Treasury Budget.
FRIDAY, July 13
Extended-Hours Earnings: IGTE, JPM, OPTT, PDLI, WBS, WFC.
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. PPI; 9:55 a.m. Michigan Sentiment.