Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 27 - Fri. "$FacePlant"

FB - concerns with mobile ads, eying long. 23 area or wash on that.
VHC - big drop, no bias, just watching as of now
AMRN - got approval, but dropped afterwards, keep an eye on a break out.
APKT - big washout on lowered guidance, not by much couple 20 mil
SNTA - buy weakness for continued break out.

FRIDAY, July 27
Extended-Hours Earnings: ACW, B, CRWN, DHI, DTE, FNFG, HOME, KKR, LYB, NEM, NVE, OMCL, SR, VVI, WST.
Economic Data: GDP- Adv 830 am; July Michigan Sentiment (final) 955 AM.