Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 17 - Fri. "Mitt Zombie"

Romney didn't pay taxes. Obama would of blown the money on bullshit anyway. Where's Paul when you need him?

VLNX - aps pump, on watch for washout bounce play or it may continue if they get this pump right, great first day. .30 held.
MAKO - nice swing long here. Def watching pullbacks for consolidation to relong.
SRPT - said it today, but it just has that vibe to it. Take the trade long, forget about wether they will raise money or not, just take the trade and play the momo, too many of you want to try to guess what will happen, the tape doesn't lie, get ur $ and move on, always watching though.
MNST - grab'd a feeler short on this one at 60.2, looking to add into this though all the way to 61.
PCS - I like the swing short, but it always seems to battle back, similar to KWK back when I traded it. It did this for a while till eventually no one wanted it and had a good pullback and stayed back. We'll prolly see somn similar here.

FRIDAY, Aug. 17
Extended-Hours Earnings: ANN, CMRG, IMOS, FL, HIBB, ISS, SJM, KIRK.
Economic Data: 9:55 a.m. Michigan Sentiment; 10 a.m. Leading Indicators.