Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 3 - Fri. "Central Nervous System"

KCG - at this point some news needs to come in and rip this puppy. They need $440 mil to cover their small cap algo f up. Also, several reports are noting that a few firms are temporarily refraining from routing trades through Knight. Among the firms reportedly doing so are Citigroup, Vanguard Group and TD Ameritrade, according to a Dow Jones wire story citing Bloomberg. So news pretaining to the debt financing and if firms begin to route back through NITE, then most likely slow/steady come back.
NILE - super beat, but on back of postive e/r it ripped. Many of these have been good shorts after they rip up though. Play the price action, when it slows, work into.
BODY - came down again, many bearish on the back of lowered e/r's accros the board, but I'll prolly watch for a long.
LNKD - e/r beat and guidance mostly above, but I hate this company. Let it run, long around 98.5. Shorts 107-110.
INCY - look for a double bottom at 18.75, then a slow gear into possible r/g. Ideal, otherwise grinder. I heard today that JPM said buy weakness.
MITK - just staring to lift here, extreme beat down, this could have much more in it. Look for that vol increase.

FRIDAY, Aug. 3
Extended-Hours Earnings: LNT, BZH, XLS, XIDEFSS, IT, HNT, IMGN, ITT, NYX, PG, WPO, WCRX.
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. Unemployment Rate/Payrolls Data; 10 a.m. ISM Services