Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 12 - Wed. "High Stakes"

CECO - looks good for a long over 3.85 on volume.
CTIC - may have a 4 test in it, if so, eye the short on the fail or the parabolic through.
KERX - gearish, the push through 2.25 - 2.3 area on volume should bring upside.
AEZS - not clearly defined breakout spot, but .55 to .63  cents is where it should push through if vol.
ACHN - 7.64 b/o on volume today, should continue higher tomorrow.
AONE - nice continuation from yesterdays long at .22, we may see this go .35 to .40.
JAG - looking better and better, accumulate dips for the long.