Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 5 - Fri. "Were Planning a Scheme for the Long Win"

MSPD - b/o is 3.65 with volume, stock is close so if/when it hits I'll be looking to get long, as long as the catalysts we go over in the boomwin lesson are there. You know what they are.
VRNG - starting to look top heavy, what a great trader though, Ideally I think it does another push higher because of the fact that its obvious it looks top heavy, load shorts, squeeze them all out and then fade.
SRPT - wonderful oppertunites here, closed close to lows, any wash, look for a long trade.
CUR - b/o is closer here 1.4ish.
OCN - first day I noticed this crazy uptrend, on s/s watch.
PCS - alot of deal news, Dallas morning news actually had a piece saying Tmobile wants them and deal shoudl go through, now S is coming after them, could spark a bidding war.
ACAD - I like the long on FDA run up.
XXIA - I missed the break out and it kept pushing new 52's, prolly let it run and stalk the short since miss, unless it gets a good pull and flatlines for long.

"As we welcome you after the future
Oh! we come to give you that
Operating like we be official
Yeah! we come to mutiply
And were planning a scheme for the long win
Yeah!our shit be always right
Every move you'll see how it's related"
Busta Rhymes "Genesis"

Kinda speaks for itself, but we're traders, we will be here after, we will keep multiplying, making moves and planning for the long haul, each trade you'll see why we took it, why we keep gaining, making  money, roll with us.