Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 2 - Fri. "The Stakes of a Gain"

CRUS - sideways price action at 35ish, then midday run to 37+, settled at 36 again, I think this may have 38's+, could see a run back to 40 test. News didn't really warrant the move.

OCN - trigger at 35 short. Has come a long way since then, watching now since, but a crack on 35 might be the short again, or a 35 hold we could see a good long for a trade.

VVUS - probably an early long tomorrow, good for a trade. Qsymia prescriptions are the focus, BAC cut the forecast on sales from 18m to 10m. Also, they need roughly 13k prescriptions to meet current projections, this was last news on prescription tally. "compiled by Cowen & Company. Qsymia had 1,626 new prescriptions for the week ended October 12th, a 27% jump from 1,278 reported the prior week. Wolters Kluwer has that number higher, with Qsymia gaining 33% more prescriptions to 1,935." Held 15 into the close, we didn't really get a good rip on it today, so we may see this try a real bounce.

GNRC - either a long on the breakout at 34.5 or a short on the breakdown at 33.2, I have alerts set for both.

IMH - serious short stalk here. I'm watching like a hawk, it kept inching higher, I knew I was early on teh short watch, should have taken the long. Any big parabolic up, prepare to short.

VRSN - the news that brought it down, was contradicted and stock was defended, it ripped hard midday. watch

SVU - 3.4's it needs, it should, it must get there. I'm stalking for big move and then short though, I dont' really like the long anymore since we were long at 2.6.