Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 20 - Tues. "Decay"

CRUS - I knew this was a weekend o/n. Great strength, but like all bear bounces, I think midday tomorrow we may see weakness. 32 is my #, but 31.15 cross might be a good long scalp towards that area.

FB - prolly see a cont fade, but 22.25 has some good support, we may get a bounce there. Eyes on.

DVAX - #1 on my short list right now, keeps grinding into Feb data I hear. We'll see, too many beleivers in this one, only short trade not holding. 2.8 was resistance eod, where it pulled from.

MCP - sick rip towards eod, I did not get a piece. May have 7.25 in it b4 it sits back.

KBH - homebuilders weak into tomorrows data. I had a short at 14.4 took a small gain on it and it kept falling. Keep eyes on this one if data is weak. If not might kick up again.

BIDU - still weak, despite mkt strength. Market open should be weak, this is gearing, but into a further breakdown. Then we'll look long.

JRCC - still long a bit of this at .28, looking for a gap and go, I've had patience on this one & expecting it to work. Has acted right today. Accumulate dips on this one, until it stops with this uptrend. Its getting all the way back to sup and then going each time. This may squeeze hard when it does go.