Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 30 - Fri. "My Life"

IDIX - Long swing is the idea, needs to hold 5 and get some consolidation, possible buy weakness and see if it gets a move later.

FB - short stalk, 27.5 it pulled from, 28 is now res. Gap fill was 26.73, it is now filled and overbot, let it go as far as it wants, just looks for trend change, u know the indicators, I teach them in boomwin lesson. then we will be short.

VVUS - trend change, long bias. Closed green by about 8cent, my long is above here, but small so room to add, patience to swing.

GMCR - bull flag'd some intra, consolidation, ended up not going, but watching dips tomorrow for snap back trade, maybe squeeze.

RIMM - gap fill back to 11.12. Watch the washes for a long bounce, trade only, then short back to gap fill. Goldman u/g got everyone upsideDOWN.

AAPL - kinda double toppish up here at 594.