Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 7 - Wed. "Birthpay World"

MM - breakout points are $16.5 and $16.85. I like the accumulate dips and hold for the idea push long.

VVUS - 11 is the support spot now, but I think it's oversold from $12.09. Long bias, early tomorrow.

CRUS - first sign of reversal off $32 with the $33 cross.

GNRC - Nice pullback from tops, we see if it gets back up towards $38.75 area for either a double top, which I prefer or maybe flags and goes again.
ANR - 9.7-9.75 breakout area. Stock never really rips anymore it seems like it, just trickles higher.

MYGN - eying for parabolic tomorrow for the short. volume was light up around $31.8

SREV - hitting lows at $5.