Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 9 - Fri. "Katniss"

AEO -  cracked under $20 for the first time in a while, I'll be watching to see how it reacts at this level.
PANL - Super beat down stock , had e/r. I think it has more upside, I think the better trade, faster, easier trade is the long on dips, until it hits the 25.5 - 27 area where real resistance is. Good range either way, if it does rip, we are looking to short it because of this range.
PPP - keep playing this $7 crack, I think if it starts to hit it more often, longs are going to let it go, at this point its low volume. Short bias.
VHC - big rip, this news related, its really sideways, I think we are going to end up not being able to get a good trade on it, I am watching though.
VVUS - everyone knows the news behind this, fat drug not selling, fat drug doesn't work, fat drug no scripts, etc. Still if any + news hits, it'll have its day.
ITMN - over $10 is the idea.
ZLC - earnings is 11/20, this should have a sell off before then. Stocks up 400% if it doesn't sell of b4 gtmh, patience maybe key. Breaking below support, I should be deep on this short.
LQDT - 38 spot is the crack
AAPL - throwing this on perma watch right now cause when it does bounce you can grab like 50pts on the swing up.