Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 5 - Wed. "Change Your Ways"

GMCR - resistance 41.27. Will most def be in play tomorrow. Gap fill is much higher & won't be in veiw just yet. Thinking of FB it ran a few points beyond where it should have pulled from, careful of same strength there. Is on the back of good e/r.

BIDU - long early weakness. Any snap under $89 if it washes out of the gate is a long, bidu almost always has a nice long bounce.
OCZ - short 2.03 is bottom of gap fill. Many thinking it hasn't hit where it needs to which is why we still grinding higher. Once longs are satisfied then we'll get our short trade.

SHLD - long always scares me cuz of the news factor, but long bias.
NFLX - sympathy are: LMCA, CSTR, and DIS.
EDU - watch the washes tomorrow for a long bounce.