Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 10 - Thurs. "Struggle"

I have struggled this year so far.
We all have high hopes to start the new year fresh and make tons of money.
This is my downfall, greed, is prolly my biggest flaw.
I want too much, instead of whats given I try to take it all, but instead all is taken.
To fix this; I trade small and have patience so my set ups this year will be thee aforementioned.
Good luck.

RPRX - I'd long when it looks like its going 17's+, don't buy the breakout, buy the dips and if trend holds sell the pops over breakout, I been losing when I buy breakouts lately. Everyone is selling into them.
SNTA - No overhead on this one, but I've lost 3 days in a row on it, hard to beleive, but it looks good then I get in, it pulls against and I take my loss, only to see it by eod grind 15-20c higher. So again buy the dips. Vol is light.
PRCP - I missed the b/o out at 6.3, but this has higher written over it, was up ah's as well. I'll prolly watch and miss it.
SPWR - They keep this one pressed under 8.25, they don't want it higher. Big news from Buffet on the 2bln, but they are selling a key aspect of their company, getting a good price, but run is short lived. I'd be short ona good move up.
ATRS - Good to see this one continue, was ong 3.9 and sold out, 4.1 was additional breakout, now its just making money, not me. Should continue, but only trade I can see firing off is if it gets paraboliced adn then you short it for a scalp at this point.
MCP - Watch the long perk back up, price tgts on this one are ridiculous at like $60/share. Over 12 is key b/o, but you could play weakness and sell on the b/o hopes.
EBIX - b/o is 17, this one should uptrend if that comes, but its much easier to buy lower and sell the 17 b/o lately. Seems dumb, but thats whats getting paid in this market, buying b/o anticipation and selling at b/o resistance, no matter how many times its tested.
IRWD - this is a short stalk, I will be shorting on any air perks/paras.