Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 24 - Thurs. "Don't You Worry Child"

KBH - up, up, up, still did an offering, but I'll be stalking the short tomorrow for a trade only, like 500, 500, 500 until it works and take the gain. Thinking early mini-para then profit takers hit.

Some Earnings plays I'll be targeting: NFLX, AAPL

YPF - stalking this one for weakness to long, accumulate dips, then the breakout is 16, obviously not ready yet, but keep a half eye on it. Argentinian gas/oil company, deals with some natty gas as well. UCO got hit some today and gas prices are up so only a good stalk at this point, not chart because so.

DQ - one of those that we look at in 5 months and its at 3