Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 30 - Wed. "Been Doing This"

KERX - offering, still watching for the trades, this could be a decent long still if offering is taken well, I know huge short positions might get squeezed even further because offering snapped back up ahs. With that being said, if it rips too far too fast I'll look to short. 7.75 sup - 8.75 res.

CHK - up big ah's because ceo is leaving, they spec that this'll open up new deals and whatnot. I'm more short biased since no real material news adn the fact we were long off the 17.8 breakout.

SSYS - and both DDD are weaker stocks, they tried to have their perks today, but I can see the bottoms falling out soon enough.

PANL - I like only if it can rip 29 with volum, then 31 target.