Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 11 - Mon. "Charts Man"

CZR - all on the hopes of online gaming, short bias on paras. Many are thinking that Ceasars should be valued more though as well so this may have more in it than expected, same way to play though, small patience, trend add, or stop if no go, don't get stubborn.
LNKD - I was calling this a short and it'll never see over 100 again months ago, extremely wrong, was no action on my part anyway. This market darling forgets though that out of all the customers they have many forget they even have accounts. I know I do, regardless of that technically hawking the short. over 152 this will squeeze shorts again, similar to NFLX in squeeze ability, NFLX had some good pulls off nice pops. I'd say LNKD parashort, possible long trade on squeeze areas.
VMW - down a week+ back on weak e/r, over 79.5 on vol I'd be long bias, 80 is confirmation, 83 short term tgt or accumulate dips and sit on it, stop at 77.5 doesn't hold.